Nov 132020

Details of recycling dates over the Christmas season are now available.

In Peter Tavy, this means that…

  • collections normally made on Tuesday 29th December will now be on Thursday 31st December
  • collections normally made on Tuesday 5th January will be on Thursday 7th January
  • collections normally made on Tuesday 12th January will be on Wednesday 13th January

… after which we revert to normal collection dates. (Of course, if you have a copy of the Peter Tavy Calendar for 2021, you’ll know this already!) 

Dates are shown on the table below, and under this you’ll find useful guidelines for recycling over Christmas.

You can also download a handy chart explaining how to recycle a wide range of materials – from Christmas cards and wrapping to sweet tubs and drinks containers.
Download a PDF file of the chart here>

xmas collections 680