Aug 192021

As hundreds of people return to Devon following days at the Boardmasters festival, the County Council have been looking at the impact festivals and large events are having on local coronavirus case rates in Devon.

Festivals, and any such large gatherings where there are a lot of people crowded together, are environments that bring with them heightened risk of transmission.

And when audiences to those gatherings include younger people, who are not all vaccinated, then the risk of transmission again is greater.

The same is true though of any event or setting where there’s socialising. It’s not just festivals.

So perhaps it should not surprise us that the highest levels of positive cases in Devon now are in the 15 to 19 year old age group, and that socialising is the main driver for that trend.

But with weeks of summer ahead, if you’re yet to go to a festival or an event or gathering where there will be crowds, or you’ve just returned from one, here’s some guidance.