Sep 072021
Peter Tavy Methodist Church – HARVEST THANKSGIVING

There is so much to be thankful for – from the beauty of the countryside surrounding us, to the bounty grown in our gardens and the barns full for wintering livestock – that we want to express our appreciation!

This year, we’re inviting you to join us in an investigation….

What is your Favourite Food?
Now try to discover – Where does it come from?
and How does it get on your plate? 

Find out as much as you can, and then come along to our Harvest Service on Sunday 19th September at 3.30pm in the Chapel Grounds
You could either

  • Bring the food with you, or
  • Dress your teddy bear (or any cuddly toy!) as one of the people or things involved in the process of producing the food and getting it onto your plate (a cook? a farmer? – or even a rain cloud……….!) 

Have fun and we look forward to seeing you!

Make a Donation for Tavistock Food Bank.
Non-perishable foods can be brought and left on the table inside the Chapel gate on Sunday. – Thank you!


Sunday 19th September – 3.30pm

Service around the Yew tree in chapel grounds. (If wet the service will be held inside the chapel.)

Afterwards we’ll enjoy a Bring & Share Tea together.

Don’t forget to Dress Warmly!