Aug 032020

kbcIts a while since we spoke about a children’s book club.. its not forgotten!

We have a range of ages and reading ability among the children of the Parish and they each need encouragement. I hope the following goes a little way towards this for the summer hols.

I have tried to take on the comments that were expressed about a children’s book club, and hopefully this is a non threatening, non competitive way of supporting the kids.

Review a Book – Get a Voucher!

If the children would like to write a review of the book they are reading, and send it to me; in return the reviews will be read and returned. we will send with the return a voucher towards their next reading purchase. This voucher is to be submitted with an invoice on purchase of a book and the sum of £5.00 can be redeemed against it.

Through the summer holidays, each time a book is completed a review can be sent in and a voucher obtained.

In Septebookworm1mber we will look at how this can be continued.

A book = reading material suitable for the age and ability of that individual. If this a magazine / circular etc.. it still needs to be reviewed!

Anyone under 18 can be part of KBC.

A review should be written by the child and include the following:

  • description of the story
  • did they like the book or not and why?
  • was the main character someone they would like to be, why?
  • would they recommend the book to others?

I look forward to celebrating books and the gift of reading