Nov 252021

With the high rate of positive coronavirus cases across Devon right now, there are growing numbers of people required to self-isolate.

For many, with minor symptoms and people to help them, ten days self-isolating is OK. It’s workable. But for others, self-isolating can be very difficult, especially if they live alone, they’re unwell, or have other responsibilities outside the house.

Devon County Council has made small to medium-size grants available to local voluntary and community groups, which can help people during their self-isolation period – groups that can support with:

  • getting food and other supplies
  • caring responsibilities
  • practical things, like dog walking
  • mental health and wellbeing, including loneliness and boredom

It’s to help people with the practical, social or emotional support they need, so that they can self-isolate properly, and so that they don’t potentially pass the virus onto others.

You should self-isolate if you have symptoms and test positive with a PCR test; and if you’re asked to self-isolate, because you’re a known contact to someone who has tested positive and you’re not vaccinated; or ahead of a medical procedure.

Grants typically can be up to £5,000 for small projects, and up to £20,000 for larger projects. Applications for larger projects will be considered.

Information and eligibility for the grants is available on the Devon County Council website.

Or to discuss an application, contact