Sep 162020

The number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across England is rising. That’s true of case numbers in Devon too.

The Director of Public Health Devon, Dr Virginia Pearson, has this week issued a fresh warning, urging all Devon residents – of all ages, but specifically to younger residents – to follow the public health advice at all times.

The number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Devon is still very low comparatively, but it is rising.

Not all new cases are now linked to the returning international travellers, which was the pattern we had seen previously.

Our younger residents – those in their late teens and early twenties – are a tricky audience to reach with public messages, so here is a personal appeal to parents and families with dependents around that age to remind them how important it is to protect themselves and others by:

  • Keeping a safe distance (ideally 2 metres away from other people)
  • Maintaining hand hygiene at all times, through handwashing and regular use of hand sanitiser
  • Wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces to protect others, where recommended

This is what the Director of Public Health Devon said this week.

And here the government’s guidance on social distancing for young people.