Jan 142021

Peter Tavy Pop-Up Shop

The Shop continues to operate; delivering around the Parish.

Orders are required by mid-day Thursday for Friday delivery.

We are supplied by Total Produce and much of the seasonal veg, fruit and cheeses are local. It has continued to amaze me as to the stock they carry… from tin tomatoes to toilet rolls and beetroot to bird food and much in-between!! It is always worth asking.

We also do a click and collect from Morrison’s weekly, so can add to the list if needed (respecting the constraint on quantity with certain items.)

An order also goes in to Downing’s Farm butchers in Tavistock on Thursday for delivery Friday. Downing’s have been sourcing bread, cakes (Warrens / Ellis’s etc) and other items for us and delivering at same time! (Stars!)

There is a continuing delivery of milk, cream, eggs and butter on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Compost – wool-based compost available – collection preferred but delivery can be arranged at extra cost.

Contact me – Email Withbusybees@outlook.com
or phone 01822 810343
to ask questions or place an order.



Sandra is able to supply a very wide range of items – not just fruit and veg but many other groceries and dried goods. And check out the Shop page to see what special surplus goods are available each week!

  • For delivery on Friday…
    To place your order you can you either:
    e-mail us at withbusybees@outlook.com by 12 noon on Thursday
    call Sandra on 01822 810343.

Also available from Sandra, for delivery three times a week:

  • 500ml / 1 lt /2  lt whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk
  • NEW: Local non-homogenised whole milk in glass bottles
  • Clotted cream and double cream
  • 200g rolls of butter
  • Locally-produced honey
  • Free range organic eggs
  • Farm-fresh Lamb
  • Marmalade
  • Mint and Apple Jelly
  • Crab Apple jelly

Sandra can place orders with Downings the Butchers if required, or you can find out more here>

(Don’t forget that Ellis’ the Baker also deliver to Peter Tavy – for details, click here.)


It’s arrived!!!

A fantastic range of premium peat-free organic composts to suit every gardeners need. Made in Britain from sheep’s wool and bracken. Professional standard and unique growing media with unrivalled benefits and proven results:

  • 100% peat-free
  • Natural feed for up to 2 years
  • 50% less watering
  • Approved for organic growing
  • Made in The Lake District

We have had delivered the following

  • Lakeland Gold 40L – £8.50   ( Bracken based, high in potash. Spring and autumn ‘mulch’)
  • Wool Compost 30L – £8.50 ( growing pots, tubs where water retention is key)
  • Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads 30L – £8.50
  • Wool Compost for Tomatoes 30L – £8.50 (nutrient rich compost)
  • Wool Compost for Seeds 12L – £7.00 ( fine texture, blended for healthy root development)
  • Bulb Compost 20L – £7.00 ( bracken based compost, encourages strong healthy bulbs)
  • Double strength 30L – £9 (fertilizer strength! Not suitable for planting into directly – use as top dressing for nutritional boost)

Also small supply of PRO 5 Multi purpose Compost – £ 8.50
2019 Which? Best Buy Multi-purpose Compost
Pro 5 multi purpose is a superior blend of Irish Peat, sustainable peat -free ingredients, vermiculite and a wetting agent with added plant nutrients to produce a premium compost suitable for all uses from germinating seeds, growing on seedlings, and tubs and baskets.

The sustainable ingredients provide natural nutrients and bigger brighter floral blooms, while the vermiculite helps to optimise air:water balance around the roots and the wetting agent helps retain moisture in the compost.

  • Premium quality compost for all round garden use
  • Made from a traditional formula with added nutrients
  • Complete plant feed from our unique set of Pro 5 Nutrients
  • With added vermiculite to improve air : water balance for the promotion of strong root systems.
  • Contains a wetting agent to assist water retention and prevent drying out.
  • Suitable for seeds and cuttings through to tubs and baskets.

Collection from Chubb Farm, please ring the bell at the gate or arrange a time to come. Payment by bacs preferred or cheque.

Contact me – Email Withbusybees@outlook.com
or phone 01822 810343
to ask questions or place an order.     – Sandra