Mar 222020

Rev Paul Smith of Tavistock Methodist Church has provided a Bible reading and some words to consider today…

A Reading for today – Matthew 7:24-27

Paul Smith writes:

“We live in challenging times. Only a few months ago none of us thought that the situation would get so serious, but it clearly has. We are living through an epidemic of historic proportions. Already we are seeing that situations like this bring out the worst and the best in society. Some of our supermarkets have become places where the survival of the fittest has become the norm. Yet at the same time we are seeing communities pull together in ways we never imagined.

“I guess we are all familiar with the story that Jesus told, recorded in our reading for today – two different builders, two different sites, two different results. At its heart there is both a question and a truth. The truth is that the resilience of the building is only proved when the storm comes. The question concerns the foundation on which our lives are built. Do we have what it takes to come through the storm a bit battered maybe, but still standing firm?

“I have often said that the value of a personal, living faith is only proved when the unthinkable happens – someone we trust lets us down, we loose our job, a loved one dies, or we face a deadly pandemic! That’s when it really matters. Now is when it really matters.

“So today we offer a Saviour who understands suffering, because he has endured it; but whose resurrection proves once and for all that suffering and death (or corona) will never have the last word. That’s why it’s so important that we belong to Him.”