Jun 162020

The Parish Council would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for their continued contributions to the welfare of the Village.

It is difficult to pick individuals but special thanks go to Sandra Dodd and Steve Carreck for setting up the Peter Tavy Community Hub and website – which is the one stop shop for all available information and advice.

Those people who have organised the deliveries of bread, meat and other staples are thanked particularly, as this has been a Godsend and allowed us to minimise unnecessary travel.

The morale-boosting competitions have been much appreciated.

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts.

It just goes to show what a great community we live in.

It would seem sad to let the community spirit go to waste so it would be great to retain the hub and keep using it to keep in touch with all the goings on.

Thank You from the Community Support Hub

We at the Hub would also like to thank all those who have been volunteering time and effort to help our community. So many people have been acting in support roles, helping with shopping; collecting prescriptions; befriending others and doing so much.

It’s always dangerous to “name names” and we’re sure we’ll leave someone very important out (sorry!); but we’d like to give particular thanks to Jo and Chris, Clare and Steve, David, Carol, Susie and Pippa.

And thank you to everyone who’s been joining in our activities and helping to keep alive the wonderful Peter Tavy community spirit!