Apr 042020

You can order by phone – 01822 810349 – from our Shop, between 9.00am – 10.00am,  Monday to Saturday. Those who are shopping for the ‘shielded’ vulnerable members of the Peter Tavy community will be given priority, but after that, we are open for the Peter Tavy community at large.

  • Payment to be made by phone, using a credit or debit card
  • Once we have checked our stock and called you back to make payment, we will leave a box containing your goods, labelled with your name, on the verandah outside the shop, for you to collect.
  • We may have to apply quantity limits on your purchases

We hope that you will think of us as your local “Corner Shop” – where you can do your shopping without needing to go into town.

Take a look through our stock list below, or you can download the stock list as a PDF file here>

For more information, call Lindsay on 01822 810349

Harford Bridge Park Shop – What’s In Stock (2nd April 2020)
Original Flora 250g £1.09
FF Salted Butter 250g £1.99
FF British Cheddar 200g £1.69
FF British Mature Cheddar 200g £1.69
Oat So Simple (Original) 50g £1.00
Oat So Simple (Golden Syrup) £1.09
Kellogg’s Ccrnflakes 550g £2.99
Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre 700g £2.99
Noodle Pot Chicken & Mushroom 90g £1.19
Heinz Vegetable Soup 400g £1.09
Princess Corned Beef 340g £3.09
HS Sliced Mushrooms 285g £1.00
HS Tinned New Potatoes 300 £0.75
Heinz Tinned Garden Peas 400g £0.89
OXO Vegetable Stock Cubes £1.49
Batchelors Smash 176g £1.29
SAXA Ground White Pepper £1.09
SAXA Salt 70g £0.69
Malt Vinegar 284mls £0.39
Happy Shopper Tuna in Sunflower Oil £1.29
Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs (8) 400g £1.00
HS Longlife Semi-skimmed milk £0.65
Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar 500g £0.60
Marvel Original Dried Milk 175g £2.49
HS Brown Sauce 450g £1.00
HS Kitchen Roll (2 rolls) £1.35
HS Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml £1.69
HS Plain Flour 1 kg £0.75
HS Chilli Sauce 440g £1.00
Dolmio Bolognese Sauce     500g £1.89
Hogsbottom Jail Ale Chutney 320g £2.99
HS Mayonnaise 250ml £1.00
HS Beans & Sausages 395g £0.89
Heinz Beans Fridge Pack 1kg £2.50
HS Baked Beans 410g £0.40
Fusilli Pasta 500g £0.79
Marmite 125g £2.15
HS Hazlenut Chocolate Spread 400g £1.69
Ambrosia Devon Custard 400g £1.00
Prince’s Tinned Fruit Cocktail 410g £1.09
ES Cranberry Juice Drink 1 litre £1.00
Juice 100% Pure Apple Juice 200ml £0.55
Highland Spring Water 1 litre £0.85
Schweppes Lemonade 2 litre £1.49
Prince’s 100% Pure Orange Juice 1 litre £1.60
McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (18) £1.00
Paterson’s Shortbread 300g £1.00
HS Oaty Crumbles 300g £0.85
ES White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies £0.59
HS Bourbon Creams 400g £1.00
Galaxy Choc Chunks Cookies 180g £1.99
Washing Up Liquid 550mls £0.60
ES Lemonade 25ml £0.25
ES Orangeade 25ml £0.25
Bird’s Eye GardenPeas (?) £1.29
Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza (2) £2.00
Young’s Admirals Pie 30g £1.59
Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers (10) £2.75
Young’s Breaded Cod Fish Cakes (4) £0.99
McCain Oven Chips 825g £2.50

Tea & Coffee

Nescafe Gold Blend 100g £3.99
Yorkshire Tea Bags (40) £1.59
Tetley Original Tea Bags (40) £1.49
Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate 200g £1.69
Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate 250g £1.99


Tiptree Raspberry Jam 28g £0.35
Tiptree Marmalade 28g £0.35
Hogsbottom English Marmalade 340g £2.99
Hogsbottom Apricot Jam 340g £2.99
Hogsbottom Strawberry Jam 340g £2.99


Cadbury Freddo 18g £0.25
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 95g £1.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g £1.49
Mars Bar 100g £0.60
Milky Way Magic Stars 33g £0.65
KitKat 41.4g £0.65
Nestle Polo Original 34g £0.51
Jargonelle Pears 225g £1.20
Liquorice Allsorts 250g £1.20
Black & White Mints 200g £1.20
American Hard Gums 250g £1.20

Health & Beauty

Kleenex Balsam Tissues 64 x 3ply £1.99
Kleenex Balsam Tissues Handipack £0.35
Dove Cream Bar 2 x 100g £1.50
Wisdom Toothbrush £1.25
Oral-B Toothpaste 75ml £1.00
Andrex Toilet Rolls (4 Rolls) £2.50
Tampax Regular 20 Pack £2.29
Always Ultra Normal £2.29
Gillette Blue II £1.30
AB Apple Shampoo 350mls £1.00
AB Raspberry Shampoo 350mls £1.00
Vaseline Lip Therapy 4g £1.70
Rennies Peppermint 24 tablets £2.35


Playing cards £0.99
Super Bright All purpose cloths (10) £0.99
Strike Anywhere matches £0.21
Panasonic C Battery x 2 £1.49
Panasonic 9v battery X 1 £1.49
Panasonic AAA Batteries x 4 £1.99
Panasonic AA Batteries x 4 £1.99
Hero Refuse Sacks (10’s) £1.25
We have stocks of essentials and plan to run a periodic re-supply run to our wholesaler, who is recovering slowly as panic buying reduces.  So, we can stock some items that are popular when we identify what they are (and if we can get them).  As time goes on, the choice can be expanded (within reason) – we are set up for a long haul – 12 weeks at least!
(Remember – Mary Tavy Post Office and Stores are also offering a home delivery service to Peter Tavy)