List of Councillors


Parish Councillors:

Mr J Jeffery
1 Fern Cottage
Peter Tavy
PL19 9NR
Tel 07990 885533

Mr K Ball
4 Village Way
Peter Tavy
PL19 9NW

Mr E Dodd
(Vice Chairman)

Chubb Farm
Peter Tavy
PL19 9NN
Tel 01822 810343

Mr B Lane
Lower Churchtown
Peter Tavy
PL19 9NP
Tel 01822 810477

Mr H White
Wedlake Farm
Peter Tavy
PL19 9NY
Tel. 01822 811030

Clerk to the Council

Mrs A Skillicorn
2 Fern Cottages

Peter Tavy
PL19 9NR
Tel 01822 810682

All enquiries should be made through the Clerk, who will then bring them to Council’s attention.

Borough Councillor

Mr T Pearce
Brentor Road
Mary Tavy
PL19 9PY
Tel 01822 810648