Mar 272024

What do you throw away as you cannot put it in the council recycling bins, but that could be recycled?

Have a look at the list, and take these items to the ‘bin’ outside the Methodist Chapel – instead of throwing them away !

Recycling Update!

We’ve been sent an update on the recycling for charity scheme – here are some key points:

  • Lots of the packaging could be taken to Morrisons / Tesco… but what gets collected in this scheme earns money for charity.
  • Empty toothpaste tubes are no longer collected (though our correspondent was assured these can go in kerbside (ie home) recycling)
  • Toothbrushes are collected  (those with plastic handles as well as small ones that go in an electric toothbrush)
  • As a rough guide on plastic wrappings – bags for ‘main meals’ are not wanted (eg. fruit and veg bags); but bags for snacks are wanted


The full list of what is wanted is available on

Take a look at this LIST of what can be recycled: please note that different types of recycling need to be separated – and that the scheme uses a range of “programmes” for different types of material, not all of which operate at the same time.

This GUIDE explains more about how the project works.

You can also visit the project website – CLICK HERE>