Nov 062023

Devon County Council’s  Trading Standards service is urging householders to beware of unscrupulous traders wanting to take advantage of property damage caused by Storm Ciarán.

Fencing, trees, sheds, roof tiles, guttering and garden equipment are all the sorts of things that can be damaged by high winds.

“Unfortunately it’s a fact that rogue traders always try to take advantage when people are at their most vulnerable – we saw it in the storms last year and during the pandemic,” says Alex Fry, Operations Manager for Heart of the South West Trading Standards.

“They will try to take advantage of emergencies, disasters and extreme weather events to make as much money as they can.

“They target the vulnerable and elderly. They might knock on your door and say a branch is damaged or a tile is loose and is dangerous – ignore them.

“If someone on the doorstep, or through an unsolicited telephone call, tells you that your property needs repairs or maintenance of any kind, be suspicious.

“If you need work done use a trusted source or visit a website like Buy With Confidence to find a reputable trader and try to get at least three quotes for work.”

You can read more in the story on the DCC news page.