Aug 162021

New government regulations will come into force on Thursday 11 November 2021, requiring anyone who works or volunteers in a care home to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus, unless exempt.

The regulations also apply to anyone entering a care home, with noted exceptions that include residents, visitors, children, emergency workers, and people considered to be nearing the end of their life.

That means the regulations will apply to any professional that enters care home settings, such as plumbers, electricians, as well as hairdressers, chiropodists, painters and decorators.

With regulations coming into force on Thursday 11 November, it means that care home workers, agency staff, volunteers and anyone who wants to enter care homes, who haven’t already been double vaccinated, will need to have had their first dose at the latest by the 16 September.

Vaccinations can be booked online through the national booking service or by ringing 119.

It’s also possible to visit a walk-in centre without the need to book in advance. Find your nearest centre.