Mar 202020

dairyMilk – available from Chubb Farm (01822 810343): full, semi and skimmed available in 500ml, 1lt, 2lt bottles
Butter / cream – available from Chubb Farm (01822 810343).
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groceryHarford Bridge Park Shop:
You can order by phone – 01822 810349 – from our Shop, between 9.00am – 11.00am,  Monday to Saturday. Those who are shopping for the ‘shielded’ vulnerable members of the Peter Tavy community will be given priority, but after that, we are open for the Peter Tavy community at large. Find out more>

breadBread and Cakes from Ellis’ Bakery:
Ellis’s  Bakery have been very helpful delivering to some people in whatever quantity – but now that this situation may go on a bit longer, we thought that we could help them by trying to join up all our orders to make it more economically viable for them. Find out more>

groceryMary Tavy Post Office:
Following a telephoned or emailed order we are able to put your order together safely, arrange for a safe place to leave it, and organise a method of payment. Paying by cheque, BACS or other the phone means that no direct contact is required, protecting both us and yourselves.
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...and now, ice-cream too!
Dartmoor Ice Cream Company is offering home delivery of their delicious ice creams and sorbets – find out more here>

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