Mar 202020

dairyMilk – available from Chubb Farm (01822 810343): full, semi and skimmed available in 500ml, 1lt, 2lt bottles
Butter / cream – available from Chubb Farm (01822 810343).
For more details and prices – click here>

breadBread and Cakes from Ellis’ Bakery:
Ellis’s  Bakery have been very helpful delivering to some people in whatever quantity – but now that this situation may go on a bit longer, we thought that we could help them by trying to join up all our orders to make it more economically viable for them. Find out more>

groceryMary Tavy Post Office:
The Post Office and Shop is open for business, observing social distancing rules – please wear a mask. A next-day delivery service is also available for groceries / newspapers etc. for a £1 charge. Following a telephoned or emailed order (please only contact us between 9.00am and noon), we will put your order together, deliver and organise a method of payment. For more information, click here>

...and now, ice-cream too!
Dartmoor Ice Cream Company is offering home delivery of their delicious ice creams and sorbets – find out more here>

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