Nov 112022

The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is advising households about staying warm this winter.

“If you need to heat only a small area of your home, a portable heater is more efficient and cost-effective,” they say.

They recommend an electric oil-filled radiator rather than any other type of heater. And they should always be placed at least one metre away from curtains, bedding and upholstery, and switched off and unplugged before you got out or go to bed.

“Candles are not a safe or efficient way to heat your home,” they warn.

They also advise that people have their chimney swept before the first fire, and to have it swept at least once a year, and every three months if burning wood.

And only to burn seasoned wood, because moisture in the wood can create tar in the chimney, which is flammable.

“Electric blankets are another great way to keep warm,” they say, “but take care of them, check for wear and tear, and replace them after 10 years.”

For more safety advice about heating your home, visit Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue’s website.