Mar 202020

The following people have very generously offered to help and advise on education issues:

Primary School:

Clare – (primary school teacher) 0771 7183096 or 810663.
I am happy to help children R-Y6 (or their parents) with questions, resources or ideas by telephone or email.

Linzi – ( primary school teacher) 07583 065200

Secondary School:

Annie – (secondary school)  07970 704556  
I understand that teachers will be sending work home and publishing online resources. Many parents may find the terminology daunting, and I do understand how many will be unable to help children with school work they have not seen since they left school.  I would therefore like to make myself available for parents to give help to their children in completing tasks. 

Ellen – (secondary school) o7807 171584  or 810726
I’m a secondary School English teacher, specialising KS3 and GCSE but qualified to A Level so can probably help with that too if needed. English is my subject area and we tend to be very specialised in secondary, so I won’t be much help with maths for instance! However, I’ve got a very good network of secondary teaching friends across all subjects, so if I don’t know, I probably know someone who does! (Email contact is probably best.)


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