Mar 292020

Farmers are absolutely begging people to stay off their land and the bridal ways and footpaths that cross their farming land.

With the closure of the beaches and the National Park, farmers are very suddenly seeing a big increase of people exercising their dogs on their farm land and the paths that cross it.


It is the middle of lambing season – dogs around sheep at this time cause real difficulties.

If farmers catch Covid-19 from contact with contaminated gates, styles etc and become ill themselves (farmers simply do not have the facilities to constantly wash their hands when out on their land), their farms will ‘go down’, and their animals will go uncared for. Crops desperately need planting t- he winter has been harsh enough on us as it is.

Farmers are totally on their own in this. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay off farmland and the paths that cross it.

Dogs will get through this crisis. If a farmer and his farm goes down, the animals and crops on his farm may not.

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